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Tapping into Past Lives Workshops

with Jenny Johnston Best Selling Author


  • Listen to spiritual channelings designed to stimulate and trigger past life reactions
  • Tap into receiving messages from your guides and higher self
  • A past life regression to ‘unblock’ or release something that is still holding you back now
  • A past life regression to find and bring back an activate a positive experience, gift and higher learning from another life 

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to discuss how she can assist you to open up your life with an amazing gift –


  • Leave with a spiritual experience that changes your life by bringing you into alignment with the highest version of yourself
  • Feel releases happen quickly and deeply
  • Evolve and expand your consciousness and raise your vibration tremendously  in an intimate, safe environment
  • Learn and capture your multi-dimensional aspects both on a conscious and subconscious level.
  • Connect to others’ field of energies and powerfully share in their journeys
  • Easily receive messages of higher learning while having a true healing experience
  • It’s time to stop searching and open up your life with the most amazing gift you can get



JUNE 18 & 19

$395 USD


JULY 16 & 17

$395 USD


JULY 23 & 24

$395 USD


JULY 30 & 31

$395 USD


AUGUST 6 & 7

$395 USD


JUNE 25 & 26

$495 CAD


JULY 2 & 3

$495 CAD


JULY 9 & 10

$495 CAD


Jenny will be available for private sessions every Monday following each event.
You may contact Jenny via email to schedule a private session by clicking the button below.


Private sessions will be scheduled during the following times:

9:30am – 11:30am
12:30pm – 2:30pm
3:30pm – 5:30pm

Pricing is as follows:

2 hour Past Life Regression

1 hour Quantum EFT


Workshop Testimonials

New York –The depth of the past life regressions were really profound I felt healed by that and I feel like I got some good direction on taking my own healing journey to where it needs to go at this time…. I love that when I do past life work with my clientele, that I will be able to do things in a faster way than what I’d normally do having been able to see you how you (Jenny) did it and being able to practise that with others in the workshop. Feeling those releases happen really quickly and deeply and to be able to move through that – it’s going to make my sessions more powerful than they’ve already been!

Kris – EFT Trainer

Melbourne – “I think you beautifully capture the multi-dimensional aspects of all of us. How you got us to participate in psychometry – to connect us to each others field of energies, allowed us to powerfully share in each other’s journeys. The workshop was an allowance and an unfolding; a connection on deeper levels, perhaps more clearly than ever before, in a safe, warm, sacred, nurturing environment. It was very clear and pertinent.”

Jude – Triple Zero Operator

Melbourne – “I’m really pleased that I did this workshop. I’ve really enjoyed learning about the Akashic Records and the way I was in other lives. It’s been very affirming for me and it’s put a lot things in place and given me an opening to discover more about myself and my creativity. It’s a resource now and it’s something that I can go to and it’s easy. I thought this was going to be a struggle but it wasn’t. I’m so happy that my life is opening up for me now. I’ve been searching for a long time”.


New York – “Experiencing the practical use of the spiritual teachings of Kryon… We are all truely different to when we walked into this workshop”.

Diane, Kryon Follower.

Seattle – “Jenny, I’m so grateful for you bringing your workshop to the US. From the moment I stepped in the door of the workshop, I felt relief and a willingness to give myself permission to go where I needed to go because I felt safe with you”.

Marie – EFT Practitioner

Melbourne – “I got to be a Princess in this workshop. I didn’t even know if I’d be able to access past lives. The higher learning messages were so easy to receive.

Belinda EFT Practitioner

Melbourne – “I’m always used to having a big shift when I work with you Jenny and I was looking forward to one this time. When we went over old familiar territory of clearing things in past lives,it was easy to accept them. But I was really challenged when it came to accepting that I could receive gifts from the Akash. However, in the Mining the Akash Past Life Regression, I downloaded a new show and it’s still downloading. And despite the non-stop conscious – ‘this is rubbish and as it that’s going to happen’, and tapping that away, I am leaving with just about the most amazing gift I can get”.

Karen Corbett – EFT Practitioner and Performer/Show Producer

Seattle – “I have truely evolved and expanded. I feel like my consciousness and my vibration has tremendously gone up”.

Annette Martin-Gipson. 

Seattle – “ This is such an intimate, safe environment, This is so much more than I expected. When I first signed up, I was thinking that this is just a technique of how you do past life regression in combination with EFT but this is 100 times more than what I expected. It’s a real spiritual experience. I learned so much on a conscious and subconscious level. Something really changed and I’m looking forward to seeing how that will show up in my daily life and in the future. I’m really excited. I’m so grateful that Jenny came all the way from Australia to see us”.

Yoko – Psychotherapist 

Melbourne –It’s a true healing experience. Rather than trying to achieve something, it helped me understand my journey and who I really am and that I’m not alone. I’ve really enjoyed the whole process”.

Carol – Nurse.

Melbourne – “I’ve learned so many things that I never realised I really could do with such little preparation and it’s been overwhelming. It’s been an amazing experience for me and made me realise that I have so much in me that is un-tapped. I look forward to learning so much more and using more of the resources that I learned are available to us, because there is some great work to be done using this technique.”

Jane – New Zealand.